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Butterfly Town, USA - The Shorts
Butterfly Town, USA (Trailer)
Lincoln Brower on Monarchs: Migration at Risk
The annual monarch butterfly migration is one of the most beautiful spectacles in nature. It is also an endangered biological phenomenon. In this short film, Lincoln Brower PhD, Research Professor Biology, Sweet Briar College, describes the threats to their migration.
Monarch Dunes Butterfly Habitat with Judy Richards
Judy Richards, Chair of the Monarch Butterfly Volunteer Habitat Committee at Trilogy Monarch Dunes, shares her experience learning from monarch expert Dr. Kingston Leong. The volunteers there are not only trained in tracking environmental data, they also are empowered to make informed decisions on the maintenance of their monarch habitat.
Kingston Leong on Monarchs: Winter Aggregation
In this short, Dr. Kingston Leong walks us through his experiments in grove management. By using a grove Wind Profile that he has developed, Dr. Leong has been able to make adjustments to his experimental site that resulted in the return of monarchs.
A Brief History of Pacific Grove's Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary
This short takes a look at the history of the Monarch Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, from the creation of the Butterfly Ordinance in 1935, through the passing of the bond measure that led to the creation of the sanctuary, to the present day preservation efforts.
Khenpo Karten Rinpoche's Blessing of the Elements
Khenpo Karten Rinpoche performs a traditional Buddhist Blessing of the Elements in the Monarch Grove Sanctuary.
Louise Ramirez on Blessing the Monarch Grove Sanctuary
Tribal Chairwoman of the Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation, Louise Ramirez, talks about the different levels of meaning in her blessing of the Monarch Grove Sanctuary.
Bob Pacelli's Butterfly Assist
A lovely encounter observing Bob Pacelli with a grounded butterfly.
What Good is a Butterfly?
Dr. Lincoln Brower responds with passion to a question he hears far too often, "What good is a butterfly?"